EA strategies: GRID

Many people ask about difference between types of strategies used in expert advisors. 747 Developments prepared articles about different kind of strategies. This article will cover some important information about “GRID” strategy which has become popular in past few years.… Read More »EA strategies: GRID

delay and slippage

Delay and Slippage

Are you still confused from the commonly used terms “delay” (or “order execution delay”) and “slippage”? In this article we will explain the difference between delay and slippage and how it is related to each other. You will get a… Read More »Delay and Slippage

True ECN vs STP broker

We have basically two types of brokers: Market Makers and brokers that pass the trades to liquidity providers. Before we get to the difference between ECN and STP it is good to summarize what a Market Maker (MM) broker is.… Read More »True ECN vs STP broker