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TEA5767 – FM Radio GUI

Turn Raspberry Pi into FM radio using TEA5767 module with nice radio GUI.

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TEA5767 - FM Radio GUI

Turn Raspberry Pi into FM radio using TEA5767 module with nice radio GUI.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the TEA5767 FM radio module with Raspberry Pi and how to control the radio via nice GUI. TEA5767 module is sold as a board with input and output 3.5 mm audio jacks and I2C interface for communication.

If you want to find more technical details about the TEA5767 chip you can read the datasheet here.

This FM radio app runs on Raspberry Pi with installed Raspberry Pi OS desktop version (previously called Raspbian desktop), but this tutorial will not cover installation of Raspberry Pi OS. Installation instruction for Raspberry Pi OS can be found here.

Features of TEA5767 GUI:
TEA5767 GUI Raspberry Pi

For this project you will need:

  • Raspberry Pi (tested with model 3 and 4) with installed Raspberry Pi OS (desktop version)
  • TEA5767 module
  • Speakers with jack 3.5 mm connector (or headphones)
  • any compatible display (or monitor) with Raspberry Pi (preferable with resolution 800×480 or higher)

Note: This tutorial was done using Raspberry Pi 3 model B, but most probably this application will work on any other Raspberry Pi with I2C communication and Raspberry Pi OS

Setup Raspberry Pi and TEA5767 module

TEA5767 Radio GUI is windows form application written in C# so you will need MONO software platform to be able to run Windows form application. Also you will need to configure I2C bus.

1. Enable I2C communication

Navigate to Raspberry Pi Configuration: Menu -> Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration -> Intrfaces -> I2C: Enable -> OK -> Reboot


2. Connect TEA5767 module to Raspberry Pi

Connecting TEA5767 module to Raspberry is very easy. You can look at the image below to see how to connect TEA5767 to Raspberry (3V3 power is enough for the TEA5767 module).

Raspberry PinTEA5767 Pin

To verify you have connected TEA5767 correctly open Terminal and run command:

  • sudo i2cdetect -y 1

You should see"60" in column "0"


Install Radio TEA5767 App

1. Download and extract TEA5767 App

Download the Radio app to your Raspberry Pi file system, for example to “/home/pi/” directory and extract the downloaded file. You should get extracted folder “RadioTEA5767” 

2. Run the Installer

Open the terminal and type:

  • cd RadioTEA5767
  • sudo bash

The installer will automatically install all the necessary dependencies, copy dll to proper directory and if requested it will create shortcut on the desktop

2a. Manual installation - Do this step only if installer doesn't work

Inside extracted folder you will see TEA5767.dll. This file contains functions handling TEA5767 module with GUI as well as I2C interface on your Raspberry. You need to copy this file to proper directory to be found among libraries by the GUI. So open Terminal and type following:

  • cd RadioTEA5767
  • sudo cp TEA5767.dll /usr/lib/
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install mono-complete

3. Run the App

At this point you are ready to run the TEA5767 GUI application. To run the App just type in terminal:

  • sudo mono RadioTEA5767.exe

Now you can enjoy listening to the FM radio and controlling TEA5767 module via GUI.


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